Picture taken by Tian Xia (tianxia.squarespace.com)

About Me

I believe the design is not just the interaction/experience between human and computer. It is also leveraging amazing technologies to create bonds between people.

As a designer, I want to DO things. I want to use all the skills, knowledge, and experiences that are a part of me to help create something that will positively impact someone’s life, even if it is very small at first. My knowledge is, of course, not complete. I want to learn more from others and be inspired about what it means to be a designer and a human being.

I DO NOT want to do this alone. I want to work with others who are also passionate about helping people. I want to combine our talents and experiences for a more rounded repertoire to find the best answer from the pool of many good answers.

I also enjoy movies, art, dance, novels and graphic novels. I also love the combination of traveling, food, and people's experiences in relation to food. One activity I have to do whenever I reach a new place is find out where I can try the authentic local food.  

Contact: tiffjen.design@gmail.com

For my Design Resume: Click Here